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My book, Good Morning, Corfu: A Year on A Greek Island, about our year in a wonderful Corfiot village, is published by The Bridport Press. 

Good Morning, Corfu: A Year on a Greek Island charts the spell woven by this Greek island on an English couple for whom the past is in danger of being more exciting than the future. In an honest, affectionate and warm account of a grown-up gap year, UK magazine columnist Maddie Grigg introduces the reader to a cast of real-life characters and the rich history of Corfu’s traditions, and reveals what happens when the holidaymakers have gone home.

You can order it on Kindle and paperback here. Read the reviews here.

My novella A Year in Lush Places: Tales from England's Rural Underbelly is published by The Bridport Press. It is available in paperback and also on Kindle.

See the reviews here.
Immersed in a sea of Barbour wearers and waves of Daily Mail readers, Maddie Grigg charts the highs and lows of a Dorset year as she attempts to swim against the tide in the lively and lovely village of Lush Places. From singing groups, book clubs and point-to-point, the village has it all.  A quiet rebel, Maddie is married to a charmer, a man with whom men want to get drunk and women fall in love. Her diary is a story of love, trust and friendship. Inspired by the affectionate and amusing Blog of Note, The World From My Window, the novella will make you smile and leave you yearning for a life more simple. But you might never eat another pasty again.

My first full-length novel, A Town Like This, is published by The Bridport Press.

Before Broadchurch, there was Broadhampton. An insignificant little town on the Dorset coast which nobody had ever heard of and where the inhabitants knew their place. Its people would have remained subjugated had it not been for the arrival of a royal couple and a scheming reporter from that big London place. In Maddie Grigg's first full-length novel, embark on a roller coaster farce through a strangely familiar town. A sort of Tom Sharpe meets Thomas Hardy at a signpost where Fay Weldon is giving directions.

published by Roving Press
With enthusiastic support from HRH The Prince of Wales, who wrote the foreword, Dorset Voices is causing a stir among the literary community.

This delightful mixed bag showcases a thought-provoking selection of contemporary writing and photographs reflecting Dorset’s variety – a changing modern county, yet still a traditional rural place beloved by so many. 
   Dorset Voices includes work from new and established writers and photographers, which you can dip into and enjoy – rather like finding nuggets of sea-glass on a beach. It represents the diversity of people, places and talents and is set against a backdrop of the beautiful Dorset landscape. It explores the county through the eyes of local people, with something for everyone: stunning images, poems and verse, intriguing short stories and reminiscences. 

   This ambitious project was brought to fruition by Poundbury Voices – three established authors with a strong track record for seeking out and promoting artistic talent. The book provides a platform for diverse voices and different forms of writing – dark, imaginative and socially aware – as a celebration of local creativity. 

Review from Purbeck! magazine here.

My Kind of Town, 150 years of Bridport's news, features stories from the past as well as reminiscences by people who worked on the local newspaper, The Bridport and Lyme Regis News.

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