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  1. Dear Maddie, I love your descriptive style of writing and hope you are enjoying your time here? I am sure you realise that we are about to experience the most important weekend of the year and if you have not witnessed Easter in Corfu Town before, you MUST make the effort.

    I first came here in 1968, married a Corfiot doctor and have been widowed for over twenty years, but I live in our family house above Kinopiastes and would love to welcome you to our home if you would like to visit? My email is "", so please do get in touch if you would like to?

    By the way, the very jewel of Easter is the Epitafio on Good Friday evening - such an incredibly moving experience and one you will never forget (I promise).

    Best wishes and Kalo Pasxa

  2. I just read "CSI Lush Places" and thought it was hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  3. On my second trip to England in 1995, I rented the Wheelwright Cottage in Uploders. So a very interesting connection to today's blog post!


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