Monday, 10 December 2018

The Christmas spirit arrives in Lush Places

The Christmas lights are on in the Lush Places Square and, so far, there have been no complaints over the garishness or otherwise of the strings of illuminations up on the trees above our doors.

In previous years, there have been mutterings over flashing lights or ones now quite fitting the 'warm white' brief.

Four years ago, the pub put up a tree which looked a bit like something else when lit up at night. I won't say what, you'll just have to jump to this link from way back when and see for yourself.

This year, the pub is looking very festive, with Betty and Bob, the two gnomes that stand in the front windows, dressed in full Santa gear, looking rather like yuletide Yodas either side of the door.

Up on the village green, the fir tree and its pretty lights sway in the wind, an advent beacon for the darkest time of year.

On Saturday night, out in the cold, DJ Landlord from the pub did the honours and counted down for the big switch-on, and the other trees around the Square slowly followed suit. Oxford Street has nothing on us.

We had a quick burst of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' before skedaddling off into the warmth of the pub where we were treated to mulled wine and mince pies and carols led by our angel of a vicar. The pub was jam-packed and in good voice, as we welcomed the most wonderful time of the year.

Yesterday evening, Home Alone was on the telly. All we need now is Die Hard and the Christmas spirit will be complete.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. Home Alone is one of my traditions and I know lots of people do Die Hard.....but I don't know why.
    I've seen it before - I'm sure I have! Must watch it agian so maybe I can figure it out!
    Your evening sounds totally lovely! I wish we had a pub to go to but here in Texas we only have bars and they are not the same. Merry Christmas!!


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