Friday, 18 May 2018

Let sleeping dogs lie

Well, the good news is that the lump on Arty's head is nothing to worry about.

However, tests show she has major problems with her immune system. The future doesn't look bright for her, although we might be able to keep it at bay with the correct medication.

These are difficult times. I love my girl and I want what's best for her but I don't want her to be in pain.

Some days she's fine, other times she isn't.

This morning, though, you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with her. It was only the second time she'd been allowed off the lead following last week's operation. Yesterday, she ran through the field to her favourite patch of badger poo. And she just rolled, rolled and rolled in it.

It took two washes to get it off. I can still smell it.

This morning we walked to our favourite field, and the grass has just been cut. We made our way down to the middle to say hello to the ash tree.  And then Arty found something dead in the cut grass which she gobbled down before I could stop her.

She's got some disgusting habits, this dog. But I wouldn't be without her for the world.

Now she's sleeping in the sunshine on a pink blanket by my feet.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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