Friday, 16 February 2018

Can dogs catch colds?

The dog and I both have colds.

She's listless and lethargic and has a runny nose. It hurts my head when I cough.

What a pair we make.

I'm fed up with this darned virus. I had it for three weeks before Christmas and then for five days a few weeks ago when I should have been enjoying the Caribbean sunshine. And now I've got it again.

I had to Google 'can dogs catch cold?' And yes, they can. I'm reluctant to take her to the vet because I've spent so much money lately on pills and potions for her sore skin and gunky ears that I'm in danger of becoming the Imelda Marcos of animal medication.

So I'm following the advice I've found on the internet about treating dogs with colds. And it seems to be working. 

I've been keeping her warm and dry and limited the time spent outside during cold weather, which actually suits me fine because I'm doing the same.

But we ventured out into the sunshine today, me with my new, red wellies on after my purple ones sprang a leak, and Arty with a new spring in her step.

Hot boots for a cold morning.

We strolled briskly through the rain-soaked fields. Well, I did while she got to grips with sniffing in her surroundings with the aid of a blocked-up nose. It turned out to be a good walk as far as she was concerned as she managed to find badger poo to roll in, much to her deep joy and my annoyance.

I knew I'd have to give her a wash when I got back but hearing a woodpecker drilling in the copse, watching a wren rustling her feathers and then singing the sweetest song ever sung and seeing the catkins bobbing over the babbling stream gave me a new spring in my step, too.

The sky was a clear, block blue and the frost on the grass made the ground shine like a million diamonds. Our shadows made us look like giants.

Have a great weekend.

That's about it.

Love, Maddie x


  1. We currently have a highly contagious Dog-Flu epidemic, in California. It can be lethal. Carried on your shoes, clothes, hands, as well as dog to dog contact. Our Collie Rescue group pulled out of the dog show we were planning to attend today. The Animal Shelter was in quarantine for a while recently also. Please keep a close eye on your dog and keep away from other dogs for a while.
    Your wellies are a wondrous thing.

    1. Gosh, that sounds terrible, English Rider. Thanks for the warning. We're keeping a close eye on her before going to the vet's.


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