Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Maddie's on The Gadget Show

Sitting in a railway station...got a ticket to my destination.
So, here I am, sitting in an old railway carriage. It's at Station Kitchen, West Bay, the home of Broadchurch and today, for one day only, Channel 5's The Gadget Show.
I'm being interviewed by Jon Bentley about the pros and cons of two very different mobile phones. I'm not really a techie person but producer/director Robert Murray emailed me out of the blue and asked me to blog about the whole experience.
Along with a photographer and a gamer, I'm being asked to test out a cheap phone and a not-so-cheap phone and see what results I get.
This photo was taken on the Honor 6X. 
And here's Jon, in the same pose (and researcher George, looking a bit bored), in a picture taken on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. 
You can judge the results for yourself.
I'm also meant to be doing a little bit of blogging on each phone, having downloaded Blogger and WordPress apps. To be honest, I've cheated with the blog you're reading now as the Blogger phone app is terrible but the WordPress one works really well.
So I've just cut and pasted what I've written on WordPress for my A Dorset Year blog and put it into The World From My Window Blogger blog instead, and added bits to it so it makes sense when you're reading it today.
Blogging on a phone is good if you're on the move. But I'm not sure I can prise myself away from my trusty laptop. I even took it to Colombia.
Still, you can find out what I - and the photographer and gamer - thought about the two phones if you watch The Gadget Show on Channel 5 at 7pm on Friday night. 
I'll be sitting on the sofa, watching it through my hands. But I hope they show off the wonderful carriage I was in. During filming, it was slightly shaking in the wind but it was a great adventure. And lunch was most excellent, too.
I fully expected to alight in France before getting back in again and being homeward bound.
That's about it.
Love Maddie x

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