Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Good Morning, Corfu: A Year on a Greek Island storms the charts

I'm delighted to discover that Good Morning, Corfu: A Year on a Greek Islandis at number two in this month's FeedARead Top Ten.

FeedARead is a leading independent publisher, programmed with Arts Council funding. 

My initial reaction to being in second place was deep joy (the last time this happened, I went to Peru), swiftly followed by, 'Why isn't it Number One?'.

I consoled myself with the fact that the current Top of the Pops has been there for months on end. Actually, when you cut through the German description, it sounds fascinating. And I'm not being sarcastic, either.

The reviews Good Morning, Corfu have been getting on Kindle have been brilliant, too. (Thanks so much, Mum).

I love you all.

So all in all, Reasons to be Cheerful (a record that reached only Number Three in the UK singles chart, which is pretty outrageous in my book).

Now for Part II.

That's about it - although if you are at a loose end tomorrow evening, tune in to Air FM between eight o'clock and ten when my alter ego and two friends are presenting the Hijack Show.

Prepare yourself for terrible ballads from one friend, raucous, shouty stuff from the other and some sublime stuff from me, in memory of my dear sister and dad.

Love Maddie x

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