Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A love letter to Prague

Oh Prague, how beautiful you are.
Bohemian, divine, sad and surreal, sublime.

Architectural detail wherever you look. Along with true tales of heroism in an ancient land which recent history has treated so badly.
And there was I, worried about running into stag and hen parties.

Plenty of people, it's true. 
But the place is so lovely, so interesting. I saw through the crowds to hear the music of Dvorak and Smetana in the air. I absorbed the art of Mucha and architectural detail wherever I looked. And the light, oh the light...

Well, Prague, you ticked all my boxes, you really did. Easy to get to, wonderful to get around and so much to see and do.

Although I can't say I liked your food much. Potato dumplings, ham, sausages and enormous smoked ribs are not my style. But I loved your beer and your wine.
And with the aid of our Lonely Planet guide, we found some wonderful places to eat.

My taste for the bizarre was tickled when I discovered Tycho Brahe is buried here. He of the brilliant astronomical mind and the nose of silver or gold. This is a man even my imagination would have been hard pressed to come up with.
So many stories and characters.
Shops selling barrel loads of sweets, garnet. amber and silver, corner stores with absinthe on shelves alongside what purports to be bottles of cocaine and cannabis-infused liqueur. Could they be for real?
 And a shiny, old Skoda, the like of which I've never seen before.
 A baby on a street corner, a street entertainer who had his audience (including me) spellbound.
Well, Prague, you lively, vibrant, wonderful beauty, that's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. Glad you liked it. We were there from 1986-1989. Very special place


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