Sunday, 30 August 2015

How to stop a dog chewing through shoes

Artemis the Dog should have been called Chewy, really.

Not as in Chewbacca, although she looks very like a Wookie.
But Chewy as in, well, chewy.

These were my best boots. Lovely.
 Now look at them, along with Mr Grigg's best shoes.
At eighteen months, she's still a puppy.

'They take a long time to mature, Korthals Griffons,' says the dog trainer.

'How long?' I ask.

'Oh, about ten years.'

Even here, perched in our eyrie on our Greek village (cue excuse to show photos of Agios Magikades), she is still up to her old tricks.

After an encounter with a pair of my grand-daughter's beautiful golden butterfly sandals...
...we've improvised a storage place for shoes. It's one of the door grilles, which we point out to everyone who comes to stay.
When things are out of her reach, she just can't be bothered.
She'll sit in the plateia, the locals making a fuss of her. 'Artemi, Artemi,' they say.

And then she goes home, and tries her luck on a ten-litre box of white wine given to me as a birthday present and left on the floor. (They're generous, these Greeks. It's all about filoxenia).
Luckily, she doesn't break through the inner sanctum. Otherwise, we would we have to rename her Dionysus.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. A tired dog, is the best dog. When I foster, I leave nothing to chance or temptation. I elevate shoes, TV remote etc. I also have a couple of hard rubber balls with holes in that I fill with soggy kibble and then freeze. A dog will spend hours digging out a few crumbs at a time.


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