Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kalimera Kerkyra - a return visit to Corfu

I turn my back for five minutes and find my husband in bed with another female.
Arty has climbed up onto the mattress and is having a cuddle, blatant in her enjoyment as she rolls over to have her tummy tickled.

She's not even allowed on the sofa, let alone the bed.

'Don't look at me like that,' Mr Grigg says. 'She's been so good on this trip, I couldn't refuse.'

We can see Corfu from the cabin windows.

Kalimera Kerkyra.
Someone is keen to get going.
We stop for a comfort break, have a quick paddle in the sea and then we're off, up the road, through the village with its single traffic light and down into the olive groves and up into the plateia.

We stop the car. Elvis, who runs the post office and who has this nickname for his unfailing ability to grab a microphone and croon whenever there is a panygyri, is sitting outside the shop. I wave that special Greek backhand wave and he smiles and says kalimera. And then he realises it is us, gets up and kisses my husband and me on both cheeks and is introduced to Artemis.

A woman in black waddles up the road and we give her a wave. She waves back, politely, and then the penny drops.

'Margarita, Andreas!' she says, as Mr Grigg walks up to greet her. There is much gabbling in Greek, Elvis pointing to Artemis and repeating her name several times and great, beaming smiles on our old friends' faces.

We sit in the plateia for iced coffee and more kisses and greetings. And then it's back to the house.
We were last here nine months ago. It feels like we've come home.
That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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