Monday, 15 June 2015

Some enchanted evening down Bridport way

There is a kind of smog above Lush Places this evening as we make our way through winding lanes towards the sea. The skies become bright blue the closer we get to it.

On the left side of the road is undulating countryside rolling up towards Eggardon. On the right, the Marshwood Vale is laid out beside us like a patchwork blanket waiting for a picnic.

We cruise into town, pass queues of people at the Electric Palace who've got here early to see The Proclaimers and then down past the marquees for the annual food and beer festivals and on to West Bay.
It's way too choppy to go out on the boat, so we wander around the harbour and take in the sights, sounds and smells of a small Dorset seaside resort at leisure.

Seagulls sidle up to children eating ice creams and mums and dad tucking into fish and chips from the roadside kiosks.

Spaniels yank on their leads as overweight owners pant and wheeze and say 'stop pulling.' They might as well be telling the tide not to come in.

Traction engines of all sizes, which have broken free from a nearby steam rally, toot and poot, huff and puff. There is clinker on the road and great clouds of steam as these beasts of the past get ready to return to the showfield.
The Jurassic Coaster bus shimmies through and comes to a halt and two little steam engines pootle past.
The bus pulls away and a large engine trundles by, with Land Rover in tow.
A mass of motorcycles roars slowly by and hordes of holidaymakers go from pillar to post from restaurant to pub. But they'll be lucky to find room at the inn tonight. Diners with any sense have pre-booked their tables.
We drive back into town the long way, past hedgerows of mares tails and ox-eye daisies. There's a hare in a field of maze shoots and he's sitting like a statue, ears alert.

We stop off for a pizza and local cider and then head for home.
A perfect evening.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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