Friday, 1 May 2015

Election time in this green and pleasant land

Up in the fields, the bluebells are uncurling.
There's a frost in the corner but May is bursting out in the hedgerow.
There are swathes of cuckoo flowers and dandelion clocks.
There's a dead nettle in a gateway, full of spare slippers for the fairies for when they go out dancing tonight.
Down on the allotment, an early bird is listening to political debate on Radio 5 Live, the radio blaring out from an open window of his car while he digs in the manure. I can hear Nicky Campbell having a spirited discussion with a weasel.
In the heart of Lush Places, blue things other than bluebells have sprung up over the croquet lawn and all over the village.
They are everywhere.

There are a couple of signs for Labour down the road but sadly they're tucked away, unlike the UKIP house in the next village which ought to close its own front door, pull down the blinds and leave Wessex, brick by brick.

This whole election thing is leaving me rather cold. I'd much rather be up in the field with the dog, staring at the clouds, gazing at a raindrop on the underside of a metal gate or watching two pigeons sitting on a telephone wire like a pair of inverted commas.

The election is less than a week away and I'm not at all excited, even though the Griggs are having another election party, like we did in 2010. Whoever you vote for, you end up disillusioned. The government always gets in.

But I can't not vote. It would be against my principles.

And then I see this outside a cottage on the outskirts of the village.

It's a sign, yes, but maybe a symbol of hope?
That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Oh Maddie I love that you have put in so few words a totally similar sentiment to my enormous rambling over on the Lady Shed. I really need to learn yet more from you, great post!

    1. Thanks, Nat. But you write the intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable posts I'd like to write. I'm a surface skimmer, light and airy, with too keen an eye for detail and a dislike of difficulty. If my blog readers haven't seen the Lady Shed yet, do drop by for a cuppa and a chat.

  2. UKIP has a shop in Dorchester! I've not seen many 'Green' notices but it seems just right that they should pop up in hedges like this one.

    1. A shop in Dorchester? Next to White Stuff perhaps?
      Lucy, this was the first Green Party notice I'd seen. I was driving by, feeling a bit down at the sea of blue and then screeched on my brakes when I saw it. I jumped out of the car with my camera and managed to shut my prescription sunglasses in the door. They now sit at rather a rakish angle on my face.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed, Meryl. Right there at the bottom of Pandora's Box. But there, nonetheless.

  4. Over here, candidates are already declaring their intention to run for president and election is over a year away. Unfortunately, I'll be sick of all of them long before November 2016.

    1. Jan, I'm not sure I could stand that. It's all such a game, such a process, and, in the meantime, the earth cries out.

  5. The Green party has gone from nothing to having two sitting members in the House of Commons. We have an election coming in the fall and I expect that we'll see more Green members in Parliament - hooray!

    1. It's interesting to see how the Greens are faring in other parts of the world, like yours in Canada, Pondside.


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