Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Broadchurch's last episode: a very Bridport affair

There were gasps as the verdict was announced.

Surely not? And then the programme went on, with twists and turns, including the unexpected and the entirely predictable.

Anyone would think the popular television drama, Broadchurch, was for real. Well, for those of us who live here, where the show was made, it does feel a part of everyday life.

The writer lives in Bridport and the actors are now frequent visitors to the town and its harbour, West Bay. The series' backdrop is as familiar to us as the backs of our hands, although the magic of television splices the geographical areas of North Somerset and West Dorset with surgical precision, so that the dramatic East Cliff of West Bay on the south coast suddenly looms on the distant skyline beyond Clevedon and the Bristol Channel.
In Bridport last night, the charming Electric Palace Theatre played host to the haunting, atmospheric music of ├ôlafur Arnalds, the composer for the series. He and his band filled the quirky venue with loops and refrains, seemingly simple piano and ethereal violins.
And after ninety minutes and a standing ovation, the curtains were drawn, the roadies moved in and the stage was set for the finale of the second series of this show, as the audience, which included writer Chris Chibnall and actor Jodie Whittaker, who plays Beth Latimer, settled down to watch the big screen and find out what really happened.

It was the sort of thing Bridport does very well.

As the end credits rolled, there were cheers when it was announced Broadchurch would be back for a third series.
Jodie, Chris and Ólafur signed autographs and the audience went home happy.

It is such great publicity for this part of Dorset.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. We haven't seen the second season yet - but are hooked. A version was produced by a US company. They called it Grace Point and it was shot in our little village. I watched a few episodes, but other than the male lead, who was the same as in the British production, the actors were all weak and played their parts very broadly (is that an acting word?)

    1. How strange that the US version was filmed where you are. I preferred the first series but this one will keep you guessing, Pondside.


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