Sunday, 13 April 2014

Palm Sunday Parade, Corfu Town 2014

We were standing outside the church as the parade made its way past us, up through the streets of the old town.
Corfu is a musical island.
At religious and state events, its philharmonic bands are out in force, belting out stirring, sonorous music or something more sedate, depending on the occasion.
Today, crosses made of palm leaves, sprigs of olive and flowers are tucked into the plumed and gleaming helmets of the bandsmen and women.
For it is Palm Sunday, when Corfu's patron, Saint Spyridon, is carried around the streets and alleyways of Corfu Town.

Bay leaves are scattered outside the churches and crushed on the pavement when the saint passes by, flanked by priests and an armed guard. The bells ring out, clang out, all over town.
This week, there will be more celebrations as Easter draws near.

All weekend, there has been a magical feel to the old town, as musicians strike up here, there and everywhere, just when and where you least expect it, with the Sea Scouts leaders giving out Easter Week programmes and special bread on Lazarus Saturday.
That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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