Thursday, 3 April 2014

The flowers of Corfu weave their spell

In fields and patches of garden, there are old men and women hoeing the soil.

Their work is back-breaking, but still they go on, breaking up the clods to prepare the earth for planting.

Meanwhile, in the olive groves and on the roadsides, the wild flower spectrum tilts this way and that, with new blooms and blossoms to say hello to every day.
The day's sounds are strimmers, chainsaws, tractors and chattering birds. Swallows swoop, sparrows emerge, startled, from hedges and jays and magpies chatter in beneath the grapevines.

The smell of pastitsada bubbling away in the oven of a village taverna mingles with the heavenly aroma of orange blossom.
You can feel the heat on your back, the sunshine in your bones. It won't be long now before the fireflies are here.

What a magical island.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Ok, so a jumper or two keeping body and soul alive, you are making me so jealous with your weather, didn't stop me loving the pics tho'! Enjoyed this.

  2. The flowers are all lovely but that street scene really captured my attention.


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