Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pink pig racing in Dorset

Back in the Shire - for a while at least - we get quickly back into the swing of things.

A  night out at a local village hall where the smart money was on pink fluffy pigs.
Mad really. Only in Dorset.

And in the final race, our table of twelve turned to Nobby Odd Job. He had been winning all night. We needed a hot tip.

'Perky Rasher,' he said. 'Put your money on Perky Rasher.'

So we did.

Dear old Perky came in at a cracking pace and outperformed his rivals by a curly tail and a trotter. And then Nobby won a prize on the raffle.

There were snorts all round as Nobby (now known as Perky Rasher) brought back his prize of a pink and fluffy wind-up pig and sent it shuffling and snuffling along the table.

And lots of money raised for Movember.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. Fantastic evening! We raised over £2400 for Movember. Everything generously donated and an hilarious evening of Fun! Thanks for your support. Pauline
    Donate MOVEMBER


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