Monday, 11 November 2013

Blog visitor from Boise, Idaho: who are you?

Hey, blog reader from Boise, Idaho!

Are you a real person, a cyber stalker, a spammer or a computer programme that's got stuck?

According to my Feedjit live traffic feed, you've visited this blog I don't know how many times, over and over again.
I want to know who you are.

A publisher maybe, a film director (please, oh, please) or an American lady who just likes reading about English and Greek village life?

I asked on Twitter and someone suggested you might be the Morning DJ at WOLD.
Go on, tell me who you are. I'm intrigued.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Hi Maddie, I visit your blog quite often. I'm an anglophile from Idaho, not Boise, but that may be the only place in Idaho that Blogger knows. I actually just moved to Pennsylvania but I haven't told Blogger that maybe it's me???
    My blog is

  2. Val! So you're not a film director then. Was just brushing off a film script, just in case. Love your Hershey Hugs project. Great idea!


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