Monday, 14 October 2013

A big fat Greek wedding

So we joined a convoy of cars, hooting and tooting down from the village, out along the main road to Corfu.

We passed the hospital, honked the car horn loud enough for great aunt to hear and wound through the narrow lanes, tooting as we passed joggers and receiving waves and shouts from people in their gardens.

We were part of a wedding - a real, big fat Greek wedding - and it was the experience of our year. We've been lucky enough to have been 'adopted' by a wonderful family in our Corfiot village and for this we'll be forever grateful.
During these past twelve months on this grown-up gap year, we've missed two big weddings of friends back home in the UK in Lush Places.

But we made up for it at the weekend.

First, there was the traditional party on Thursday, where the newlyweds' bed was strewn with rice, rose petals and, more importantly money, to the sound of gunfire outside. And then we danced.

And then on Saturday we put on our glad rags, and like one of the Ugly Sisters, I eased into shoes too high and a dress too tight and we joined in the wedding day celebrations.

The bride glowed, the groom overcame his nerves, and our friends - the groom's family - looked wonderful. We ate, we danced, we ate again, we drank.

And then we danced.
And the next day, the mist hid the view of the mountain from our window and I found my shoes cuddled up to the buttonholes and sugared almonds.
And, gosh, didn't my feet half hurt. That comes of dancing all night.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Sounds like a perfect end to an amazing year.....oh and I love the shoes!!! X

    1. I loved the shoes too, Holly, but my feet weren't too keen on them...

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I have a thing about hats and shoes. No hats at Greek weddings so went to town on the shoes. Shame I could hardly walk in them, let alone dance!

  3. A great way to end the adventure!!!! Love the shoes, could never have even considered wearing them myself - way too high - so hat's off to you! Lucy

    1. Lucy, I never look before I leap, although I don't think I could even have done the latter in those shoes. Still, they're nice to stroke.

  4. those shoes are FABULOUS! i say if you're going to wear heels, you might as well make them high! so happy i stumbled across your blog its so so cute!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  5. A wedding is a fantastic way to end a year in Greece. I'm glad you had an awesome time.


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