Saturday, 28 September 2013

Twilight barking and autumn in Corfu

The nights here in Corfu are drawing in.

In the gloom, the card players in the plateia yell and shout at the hands they've been dealt. At eight o'clock, as if by magic, the lights in the Narnia lamp post illuminate the scene.

During the day, there are a few open-mouthed holidaymakers strolling around at a snail's pace. But not many.

The tavernas are winding down, many of them ready to operate on weekends only and some preparing to close completely. The planes still fly overhead but the flights aren't as frequent.

Down in the olive groves, the grass under the trees has been cut, ready for the nets to be placed underneath them. It won't be long before harvest.

And the smell of pine wafts down through the hillside as we wallow in the warm sea at our favourite beach, Gialaskari, and then settle down for fresh fish and giant prawns.
The days are still baking hot and skin can still burn. But the nights are cooler and make me reach for my cardi and, heaven forbid, see me glancing with anticipation at my Ugg boots.

And still the dogs bark, their voices reverberating around our village and the valley, night and day, day and night. I won't miss that.

In a few weeks' time we will be heading for home, taking a ferry and driving across Italy and France before sailing across the channel.
And what an incredible year it has been.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. I once wrote a song about Corfu - and London, "The Nights Are Drawing In", a demo recorded by a Corfu-based singer (Stefanie), set to music by Corfu's own brilliant composer and musician, Raul Scacchi.

    A poetic posting!

    Hope to see you in Dorset!


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