Sunday, 4 August 2013

The postman always weighs twice

Great excitement. A new post office is opening up right in the middle of Agios Magikades.
And I have a parcel to post to a friend. I can't find a jiffy envelope so I turn a couple of brown bags for fruit inside out and get out the parcel tape.
It'll be open at seven thirty, we've been told. So we make our way up from the house to the plateia, accompanied by the rising sun.
But the post office is closed. If it had been in Lush Places we would have had a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Or maybe even a fanfare.

Not here.

So I have a coffee and a cake in the plateia and Mr Grigg goes up the steps to pay the water bill. The ladies in the office allow him to walk out on the balcony like Juan Peron and he takes a couple of photos. All is quiet.
And then Thassos arrives from the bakery around the back, his arms full of bread.
It's the best time of day. It's cool before the heat of the sun beats down and makes us all turn into sweaty blobs.

And then we see Kostas, the postmaster, having a coffee so we wave to him and he opens up the shop.

There is a bit of confusion as he weighs the parcel and works out the price. He does it again, just to make sure. It's not only the first parcel to be sent from the new post office, it's going to England.
But we get there in the end.

And to my friend in England whose birthday it is next week, this blog is your proof of postage.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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