Friday, 7 June 2013

A Year in Lush Places now out on Kindle

A Year in Lush Places: Tales from England's Rural Underbelly is now available on Kindle, published by The Bridport Press.

It comes out, appropriately, on the eve of Lush Places fun weekend and, as my blog readers will know, the Dorset village where I lived before moving to Corfu for twelve months is the epitome of fun. And weird.

A work of fiction, it is inspired by and taken from the blog, so much of it will be familiar to you. But read on, there is a twist at the end. It's set in 2010, when The World from my Window became a Blog of Note.

The novella charts the highs and lows of a Dorset village and a nagging case of misunderstanding, which is resolved on New Year's Eve at a Wild West showdown.

For those of you have been with me along the way, thanks for your support. It's not exactly Pulitzer Prize, more Pullet Surprise, but it will certainly make you think twice before eating a pasty.

The paperback version will be available in a couple of weeks' time.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Well done! I shall go looking.....

  2. Thank you Pondside. And thanks for being there for me. xx


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