Monday, 10 June 2013

A worldwide treasure hunt, here in Corfu

There is a place near my Dorset home of Lush Places where the fairies live.

I've blogged about it before but I am not going to say where it is because these things are enjoyed best when they are exclusive and magical and not advertised to the world and his wife. This is not Disney, it's Dorset.

It is a lovely spot, with dozens of fairy doors to be found at the foot of sturdy trees. And when you open a door, there are often things left behind for the little people.
This sprang to my mind last week when I was introduced to the world of Geocaching. According to the website this is a treasure hunting game where you use a smartphone or GPS to hide and seek containers.

The containers can be all shapes and sizes and concealed behind rocks, on posts or ingeniously inserted into hollowed-out pine cones.

Once you find the geocache, you can sign the logbook and see if the last person to find the hidden container  has left anything behind. If you take it, you need to leave something else of equivalent or equal value in its place.

They are all over the world. Back in the green Dorset landscape of Lush Places there are loads of them. Here in Corfu there is an 'earth' cache near us, where the 'treasure' is the stunning view of Paleokastritsa from the Bella Vista, Lakones.
And after visiting our favourite restaurant last week...
...we walked along the beach at Astrakeri with our visitor's smartphone...
 We found a hole in the wall covered by some stones...
...and found this...
Inside was a log book, so our visitor signed it and left a business card for our special taverna.

I can see that geocaching can be very compulsive. And if the people taking part are respectful and responsible, it seems a great way to get up from your armchair and video game and out into the big outdoors.

I am glad, though, my mobile phone is not that smart. Otherwise, with my addictive personality, I would be completely hooked.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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