Wednesday, 10 October 2012

We could be here for the Juration

There is only so much miserable weather I can take during our enforced stay in Jura on our Beetle drive to Corfu.

Still, if we're here for the Juration, while we wait for the dynamo and regulator to be fitted to the old VW by a Renault garage where they speak very little English, there is always wine, history, natural splendour and food.

There's a bit of writing to be done, and catching up on admin. And the good news is that the weather is bad, too, in The Enchanted Village.

And then there are always books. And what a diverse collection.

I have just read The Curse of Brink's Mat, the inside story of the 20th century's most lucrative armed robbery, and loaned to me by ex-detective Nobby Odd-Job.

Then it was over to the charming The Cat of Portovecchio by my friend, Maria Strani-Potts (highly recommended if you want to immerse yourself in a Corfu fishing village in the 1950s), and I've just downloaded School Ties, a novella by another friend and former colleague, Emma Lee Potter, on to my Kindle.

What with those and Restoration and Merivel by Rose Tremain, I'm sorted.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Well you are already having adventures. What a lovely town. Your pictures are fantastic. I love the waterfall.

  2. Wonderful photos! I hope you and the Mister can enjoy this enforced delay. We have an old VW Beetle, too. Ours was bought new in Dec. 1970.


  3. Has anyone else asked "What the hell were you thinking" making a long road trip in an unreliable tin can?

  4. ITV has started a series on people who make a new life in corfu.
    is that your doing??

    The french air is doing your muse good.'Juration' and 'beetle drive':very good.



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