Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just say no - it would be rude not to

The month here is hurtling towards its end and Halloween, the Witch's New Year. A time when the veil between past, present and future is oh so thin. So thin you might just be able to see beyond into the other world.

Here in Agios Magikades, as in many other Greek villages, the dead have the best view of all.

No trick or treaters, I hope. For this is the land of ancient magic, where Thessalian witches drew down the moon and people still believe in charms to protect against the evil eye. More of that later in the week, perhaps.

But today, as the clocks went back, Greece recalled a less ancient and more modern history. Here in Corfu, war memorials, public buildings and village squares were awash with Greek flags. There were marching bands and recollections of stronger, firmer times when in October 1940, the prime minister Ioannis Metaxas said 'ohi' to Mussolini's ultimatum on an Italian occupation. It brought Greece into the war on the allied side and 'No Day' is now commemorated every year.

In Thessaloniki they used Ohi Day as a vehicle to protest against austerity measures.

Here, though, after a nice meal in our favourite taverna, The Three Brothers in Astrakeri, Mr Grigg offered me a glass of wine.

 I, naturally, said 'yes'.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Naturally.. you're no fool. :) Lovely of you to share your Greek experience with us. That tree is magnificent.

  2. The land of ancient magic, a lovely phrase. I love your posts.


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