Sunday, 5 August 2012

Life goes on without us

As our plans to move abroad for a year progress, there are complaints in certain quarters.

'What about Book Club?' says the Fragrant Mrs Putter.

'Discussion by Skype?' I suggest.

'Who's going to be village hall chairman?' Mr Loggins wails.

'Somebody else?' Mr Grigg says.

'You can't go, you'll miss the harvest supper. We want Mr Grigg and his crew to do their YMCA routine as a finale,' says the parson's daughter.

Celebrity Farmer's mother says: 'You've got come back to organise the fun day next year.'

Well, we won't. And village life will go on.

'No it won't,' says someone else. 'It won't be the same without you.'

It's flattering, all of this, but the village will still exist, things will still happen. Other people will step up to the plate and become catalysts.Lots of exciting things are on the horizon. It's just that we won't be there for some of them.

Like the unveiling of the village shop, which has been closed for far too long.

When it re-opens in October, thanks to an army of volunteers and people who have bought shares in this village enterprise (us included), we'll miss the grand opening. We'll be driving down to Ancona to catch a ferry, if the car makes it.

Lost in Puglia 2007
We'll miss the annual quiz, we'll miss the fireworks on Bonfire Night and carols around the Christmas tree on the village green.

We will miss all these things, but they will still happen without us.

Meanwhile, Mr Grigg and I will be learning Greek, practising backgammon so he can thrash the natives in the sleepy village square, perfecting octopus in red sauce and breathing in the Corfu air long after the tourists have left.

And after twelve months, I expect the Corfiots will be glad to see the back of us.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I can't wait to read your posts from Greece. Such an inspiring adventure. I'll be intrigued to know if you attend your book club by Skype!

  2. I too, look forward to post from Greece. What an adventure, you have a solid village and they will miss you, but in life things go on, without us.

  3. Believe me the year goes quickly!

  4. Hi from sydney, well, we wish you well of course, how exciting and hope to see you there next year... you never know with us. how did the car boot sale go?

  5. Well, goodness me......
    What fantastic news, I hope you have a wonderful time..just wish you were coming to Crete!!
    Flimsy white cotton?? Yes, now!! as it's averaging 36 degrees each day (and more!)
    But, please, don't forget wellie boots, wet weather gear AND very warm under garments xxxx

  6. It sounds like a dream come true Maddie - enjoy it all - every minute of it!!! I think you're absolutely right and the remaining villagers will soon step up to the plate and life will go on.............and good luck to them too! It will fly by..............I once went to Spain 'for a year' and stayed for 3 before I needed to move on again...Enjoy. Lucy


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