Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where sheep may safely graze

The lambs are nice and fat now. Nearly ready for eating. They stand on their hind legs, nibbling in the hedgerows while their mothers are forlorn and shorn. The old girls look embarrassed, like women who have suddenly realised they are not as attractive as they once were in short skirts and crop tops while the years advance and the children get bigger and more demanding.

It's the lambs we want on our plates, not mutton.

Up on the hill, the slopes are nicely manicured, ploughed with rows made by a giant's comb.

The ground is saturated and hosepipe bans are lifted. The sky is full of water from an overloaded paint brush and it's smudging at the edges.

Posters on telegraph poles advertising our parish plan are unreadable because we've had so much rain. And in the Grigg front hall are boxes and boxes of wine for an evening later this week when the future of our village shop is finally unveiled.

And then a woman stops me and says:' Are you the one who writes the blog? I've worked out who everyone is.'

Time for me to stop, perhaps, I think. I might be found out as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. You'd better be kidding about putting a stop to the writing otherwise there will be trouble heading your way from Minnesota!
    Perhaps, given you fame these days, you should consider writing another book but this one about the Enchanted Village. Or perhaps a radio drama that would surely be better than The Archers. Or even better - a TV soap that woud be more palatable than Emmerdale is these days.

  2. A lovely pastoral scene. I am not so fond of Lamb because I know from where it comes. It is very tasty, but they are lambs. I feel the same about veal. I'm not a vegetarian and I will eat a brown eyed cow, or a chicken. There is a Bill going thru the California legistature to outlaw Gooseliver so no pate in our better restaraunts. Oh well!

  3. Ah, the trouble with fame; it comes round to bite you on the bum if not careful! I hope you don't go down the corporate route and start writing stories which showcase local business to get rich quick. :)

  4. NOOOOO! You will not stop writing this blog. I simply won't have it. MY NEEDS are first and foremost and you entertain me. So there.


    I do sincerely hope you were jesting....

  5. What a fun blog! I discovered you when Barbara at March House Books mentioned you. I love your blog.

  6. I am new to your blog and just read this post and enjoyed it! I heard about you from Barbara at March House Books (just like my friend, Donna). I am looking forward to more of your posts! :)



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