Friday, 2 March 2012

Sounds like a case for Little Bo Peep

The night was dark as Nobby-Odd Job made his way through the village hall car park. Luckily, he had his trusty torch with him. A retired policeman is Nobby, so always prepared.

There was some kind of cooking demonstration going on in the hall. The car park was full.

But as he walked down through the village green, he heard strange noises coming from a VW Golf parked near the basketball hoop. He was just about to go back to the old days of spoiling people's fun by shining his torch through a steamed-up window when something strange happened.


Closer inspection revealed a bale of hay in the boot and a large sheep standing up on the back seat, with two legs resting on the front passenger seat.

Nobby (now known as Little Boy Blue), beat on, hastily.

Shepherd's Spy anyone?

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I had to look up the reference to Shepherd's Spy. Now that sounds wacky, I will have to have a look at the book.

  2. That's not one you will find in any book. There is a favourite British dish, well it's a favourite of mine, named Shepherd's Pie, so a pun. They often go0 down rather well over here!

  3. Life is just one exciting moment after another in your village!

  4. RB, yes, a pun indeed. However, Banker Chick is right
    it's all about terrorist sheep, apparently. Maybe there was a blanket in the car and The Enchanted Village sheep was meant to be undercover.

  5. Terrorist sheep? I hate to say it old girl but I really think you ought to take more water with it. But before you do though hit them with Cottage Pie and then a really subtle Toad in the Hole finally, a great favourite from my school days, Gypsy Tart. That little lot should strain the 'special relationship' to near breaking point! I shall be testing the waters, or even the IPA, in the Enchanted Village, 'ere too long so hide your spare cash, lock up your daughters and keep your sheep well-and-truly secured.

  6. Cookery demonstration indeed. One only needs 500g lamb mince to make a decent shepherd’s pie – really no need to bring the whole blooming sheep!


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