Thursday, 1 March 2012

Morning has broken

Once again, the early morning mist descends on The Enchanted Village. We are all wrapped up in a cellular blanket of fog, cocooned and safe from the outside world, but just a little bit damp.

Our only shop is still closed but there is something on our doorstep, next to the empty beer barrel that still hasn't been collected after the last Village Hall Arms before the pub's long-awaited re-opening.

It's a pint of milk brought to us by the silent milkman, who floats through the streets of The Enchanted Village like a ghost, with bottles that don't rattle.  He makes his way slowly down through the village, in a job he has done for years.

Then wailing and shrieking sounds, more like peacocks than children, strike up from the village school playground. Their song becomes louder, rising into a crescendo before a clanging bell calls them into class.

Daffodils, snowdrops and primroses are popping up, the catkins dance as the dogs dash by and a wood pigeon coo-coo-coos in a duet with a rather more tuneful blackbird. It's almost spring but not quite.

The bronze nymph statue that welcomes visitors to The Enchanted Village, to Lush Places, still has her winter coat on.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I realise this is not suitable for sticking up on your site but does your silence on the re-opening of the White Lion speak volumes? You were eagerly anticipating this I know - are things not as you had hoped?

  2. RB,it's much BETTER than we hoped. Last night the place was full of short arsed bowlers having their annual meal. Mr Grigg has eaten there three times since it opened last week. I will blog soon, but working out some new character names. The Pub Landlord says I can call him Shrek but we already have one of those in The Enchanted Village.

  3. Spring is almost here in CA, but in Missouri not quite. I am going to plant forsythia first chance I get, it is one of the first things to bloom and really reminds me of Spring.

  4. I know that, as a woman, you won't understand these things but you can't have a team of bowlers, you need a few batsmen as well. Perhaps they were skittlers? Or they might have been Americans, in which case they could be anything at all.


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