Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Amphibian alert

Something slinky crosses the road ahead. But at this time of year? The special signs haven't even gone up yet.

But it's not hopping and it's too small to be a toad, too long to be a frog. It's walking a bit weirdly and then picks up speed as my car gets closer. It's a bit like a weasel but it isn't. It's shiny and it's tiny.

And then the punchlines of several jokes come into my head just as I am about to almost run the tiny thing over.

It gets faster the closer I get. But it's not tiny, it's minute.

Lordy, lordy, that's it. A newt.

I drive past, wincing as I go over the spot. I look in my rear view mirror. Nothing. It's reached the safety of the other side of the road.

Newt's first law of motion: when you see a car approaching, leg it quick.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

'Oh please don


  1. All I can say it wasn't me and I have sometimes been compared to one of your new chums. Lord knows why!

  2. You have special signs that go up during frog season? We were traveling back to Missouri many years ago on a small back road in I think Oklahoma and came upon
    100's of tiny turtles trying to cross the road for several miles.

  3. Amphibians crossing is a new one to me.....we have signs warning about deer, but I have never seen a newt crossing.

  4. I love the signs that say caution ducks on road! I can just imagine a couple of old ducks complete with walking sticks out for a stroll.

  5. I heard there had already been some frogs crossing up near the north Somerset coast. Can't remember where though.


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