Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The square shows signs of life

The excitement is too much.  There are lights on in the pub and a fish and chip van's just pulled up outside the village green.

A queue of people has built up in anticipation. The enterprising chippie chap put round a flyer during the afternoon: cod and chips for £4.50. Crikey, they're even doing curry sauce and mushy peas. Shame I already have a baked potato in the oven.

And at the pub, our new licensees settle into their new home before throwing open their doors in a few weeks' time.

Down the road, someone on the estate-of-bungalows tests out their new searchlight torch, throwing a white beam across the sky and hitting the constellation of Orion like a lightsaber slicing through a storm trooper.

A quarter moon promises bigger things to come as February comes into view. The village is on Twitter, it has its own Facebook page and there is soon to be a community website.

And the village hall arms opens up on Friday for the penultimate time before our pub sets sail on a new journey, with the Enchanted Villagers as crew and mine hosts at the helm.

The village is coming out of hibernation. Baby it's cold outside. But who cares, the Enchanted Village is coming back to life.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. "Chippie chap" and "crickey" in the same par. I sweep my hat off and bow and in your direction. Only you ould carryn it off!

  2. Ah, me again, only just noticed. Does the Lush Palces style sheet give saber?

  3. My, you are restrained. I think I would have bought chips and let the potato in the oven go.

  4. RB, Lush Places style sheet was same as sabre tooth tiger. But a higher force I consulted. Yoda. 'Saber' he say. (Only he ould carryn it off!)
    Bella, I'm hoping the chip van will be here next week.

  5. So you spotted them then. Must be age, or IPA, or even both!


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