Thursday, 1 December 2011

Chris Evans has a lot to answer for

So Movember is done and dusted and Mr Grigg still hasn't shaved off his trucker's moustache. He's getting quite attached to it.

And when he went out to play skittles with his Enchanted Village chums last night, in double denim and trainers, he looked just a little bit like a 70s porn star, minus the gold chain around his neck (ladies, never trust a man who wears a necklace). So much so, that this week his eyes lit up when a colleague, carrying a plastic carrier bag full of old videos, whispered: 'I've got something here you might like...'

Mr Grigg went out the back and had a rummage.

'And guess what they were,' he told me later. 'The entire collection of Miss Marples.'

I chuckled, not because of the image it conjured up but because he is forever putting an unnecessary 's' at the end of people's names:  Cliff Richards, Roger Moores, you get my drift, although he gets very cross when people call him Mr Griggs.

Anyway, he's now putting that comedy moustache to good use and joining it up with a little goatee he's growing as he and Chris Evans and I dare say a whole host of other people launch into Decembeard to raise money for bowel cancer charities.

And after that, Manuary.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

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  1. Mr BC has facial and he is beginning to look more and more like Santa Claus as he gets older. I sometime wish he would shave it for a good cause!


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