Sunday, 27 November 2011

Home is where the heart is

They say you should never go back. But for the past few weeks, I've had a yearning to go home, to revisit my roots. I don't know why. It's an odd feeling and I can't explain it. I've had Enchanted Village compassion fatigue for about the same time and I felt like running through a field and yelling at the top of my voice.

This weekend, I've done a bit of both but not at the same time. With the fragrant Mrs Putter, I belted out a few negro spirituals at a singing workshop run by my dear friend, Tuppence. I got my voice back.

And then today, Mr Grigg and I put the spaniels in the back of the Freeloader and headed across the county border into Somerset. It was only just over thirteen miles away but it felt like the Land Rover was a time machine as we went back to 1979.

And there I was, in the top field, the one called Bella's Nose, and then up into the wood with its Scots pine trees and then down again through Corn Close, where I learned to drive, and then to the farm where I was born.

I reconnected with the past.

And before going back to the car, we called in to see some of my relatives in the churchyard, as well as old school friends and people who I had just known and lived in this village. I hadn't said hello for a long time - aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, niece. It was good to catch up.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. One's heart can have several homes, I've found. Yours is lucky that you can take it to visit its origins and back to where its surrounded by people who love you.....well, they SING with you, and that must be some sort of love!

  2. Lovely photos with some very nice perspectives. I love that third shot.. of the trees.

  3. Isn't it strange how we all need to connect with our past? I suppose this is one reason why archaeology programmes are so popular.

    I was intrigued to know more about Bella's nose; why the name and where is it? I live in Somerset and am called Bella, (not short for anything) so you can see why it caught my eye.

  4. Bella's Nose was the name of our top field. No idea why it's called that, although it's sort of nose-shaped I suppose. It's in South Somerset but not many people would know its name.

  5. Interesting.Thank you so much for the share.


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