Monday, 3 October 2011

You are Maddie Grigg and I claim my £5 prize

As the mist swirls down from Bluebell Hill and in and out The Enchanted Village streets, I can at last feel autumn is heading our way.

After almost a week of unseasonably hot weather, October is now putting its pullover on the right way round after a couple of days of wearing it inside out. The designer label was on show for all to see. Indian Summer, it screamed. Scorchio.

Down at the seaside, there have been people on the beaches, in the water, on the water. Yesterday we caught thirty laughing mackerel from an open boat.

The voyage was too much for Number One Son. Although it could have been something to do with the party he went to the night before.

Meanwhile, the cliffs along our part of the Jurassic Coast are stunning.

We are so lucky to live here.

And then this evening, the woodsmoke rises from The Enchanted Village chimneys to shake hands with the fog that is making its way down the hill and crunching fallen crab apples in its wake.

'Well hello there,' the woodsmoke appears to be saying. 'Delighted to make your acquaintance.'

And then the weirdest thing happens.

My doorbell rings and there are two ladies I have never seen before, standing on my doorstep.

I bristle, thinking they are Jehovah's Witnesses.  I don't need saving, really I don't.

'Are you Maddie?' they say.

'Why?' I retort, in a far harsher voice than I meant, but I don't have room for a copy of The Watchtower.

'Well, we're from Canada and we read your blog.'


That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. WHAT? If I come visit you, you will give me 5 pounds??? I missed an important post somewhere...

    Have to laugh though. Now I am not your #1 stalker :)

  2. I've always tried to be circumspect about where I am exactly. But to those who are determined, I suppose that's not enough...

  3. That would be so exciting!

    (It also makes me shudder, thinking how disappointed readers of my blog would be if they came to visit me!)

    The cliff picture is fantastic.

  4. Yikes - this is awful!!!! I'd die if someone just showed up at my door. That verges on stalking - did they really not get in touch ahead of time?


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