Friday, 7 October 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

Well, the Canadians have gone back, just as the weather started to get really cold. They're from opposite sides of the country, one flew to the east coast to Nova Scotia and the other flew to the west and Vancouver Island.

That just leaves the cuckoo's nest and it's right here.

The village is strangely quiet now that the shop is closed and the pub is winding down before the publican bows out. I think the Canadian ladies were a little disappointed that The Enchanted Village failed to enchant. And I'm afraid I didn't inspire them much either. I think they thought I'd be funny in person when all I am in real life is funny peculiar.

Anyway, I am having to wear fingerless gloves to type at the moment. It is so cold. I have been wearing a quilted jacket and hat and scarf in the house for the past couple of days. Mr Grigg has finally got the message and allowed me to have the heating on.

He has just taken an hour-and-half to have his hair cut because he needed to call into the pub in the next town on his way home to get some cider.

He is now geting ready for a night out with Nobby Odd-Job, MDF Man and Mr Sheepwash to watch the football and fish and chips. He is shuffling around in his slippers which he will deposit in the middle of the room so they become a trap. Why he can't pick his feet up when he walks or put the darn things away is beyond me.

Then it's rugby in the morning and then a day out with his Number One Son on Sunday. Meanwhile, I am home alone with a house like a tip while the new kitchen is being put in so no cooker to cook on. Mrs Bancroft and Pelly Sheepwash have gone away for the weekend and I have hours of ancient Greek revision to look forward to.

A whole weekend of it.

Oh lucky me.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Did your blog visitors actually stay with you? Had they flown all the way to meet you?

    How can any of us live up to our on-line selves / lives . . . edited and enhanced as they are?

    I embarrassed myself the day before yesterday by putting the heating on. It's not really cold - not compared to the hats and extra jumpers indoors kind of cold of winter. It's the contrast with the sun-bathing weather we've had in the last few weeks wot does it.


  2. Good Lord - my Catholic school guilt gene is rising up mightily because
    1. I'm from Nova Scotia
    2. I live on Vancouver Island
    and I am feeling a lot of national shame!
    I hope the ladies don't walk up my driveway without getting in touch first!

  3. I have to point out, Pondside and Esther, that these ladies were lovely. They were staying in the village but, before coming here, had been sent a link to my blog and felt sure they'd run across me in the pub or somewhere. But they didn't so someone told them where I lived. I didn't mind - I was a bit taken aback but invited them in for a cup of tea in the complete mess that is our kitchen at the moment. But I felt like I was on the Jay Leno show and failed to live up to my online persona. That was down to me, not their expectations, I think.

  4. Next weekend will be more fun :-)

  5. Always funny how we all have this online persona that allows us to be the person we hide inside.
    No worry ... just be yourself!

  6. There are so many people I would like to meet in the blog world, but you are probably right, the real life is probably a lot different from the edited and spell checked blog world. I love your pictures of your fishing trip


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