Friday, 14 October 2011

Caught: Oliver 'Bin' Letwin

As The Enchanted Village MP is castigated in the national news this morning for dumping parliamentary and constituency papers in a London park bin, the Twitter airwaves are buzzing.

Oliver ‘Bin’ Letwin is the new name for the man who called at my house earlier this year asking for my vote.

At the time, you’ll remember, I was worried my friend thought it was me who'd defaced a poster of him by adding spectacles, horns and a twirly moustache. On my doorstep, he looked nothing like this picture of him.

After the story in the Daily Mirror, Mr Letwin is now ‘trending’ on Twitter, bless him.

This, from Queen_UK (Elizabeth Windsor): ‘Just received weekly briefing papers from Oliver Letwin. He leaves them in the bin outside. One picks them up whilst walking the corgis.’

And from RogerQuimbly: ‘I think that Oliver Letwin makes an excellent Womble.’

Professional comedian mrchrisaddison: 'I tell you what, there are some surprisingly well-informed tramps in the parks Oliver Letwin goes to.’

TheMediaTweets: ‘Is Oliver Letwin the first MP caught doing something newsworthy in a park that didn't involve another person?’

Poor Mr Letwin. It’s a story just made for Have I Got News For You.

But here in The Enchanted Village, we’re just itching to know the content of the dumped Constituency Letters.

Has someone drawn to his attention the person who cheated in the village flower show by polishing their marrows? Or maybe the Full Monty dance routine devised by Mr Grigg and his followers for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Or has he received details of that dirty dog that does its business right in front of our neighbour's front door?

But please, please, please, don’t let my letter about using our new street lights for target practice or the other one about the flasher who wears nothing but a pair of ram horns be in amongst the garbage.

If the papers got hold of that, they’d think I was a real nutcase.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. What's going on with west country MPs and their bizarre behaviour at the moment?

  2. I was grinning as I read your post. I am not up to speed on the matter, but maybe I know about it in full already.

  3. Why are politics so much wilder and weirder in the UK than out here in the wild west?


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