Saturday, 13 August 2011

I've lost the plot

I am for ever being told I ought to make my blog into a novel.

'You have such a way with words,' Mr Grigg tells me.

'If I didn't live here I think you'd made it up,' Mrs Bancroft says.

'You write much better than some of the people on The Observer,' an earnest Pelly Sheepwash says.

And little Tuppence, dear elfin Tuppence, she of the leggings, Goth gloves and an asymmetric bob, smiles a big smile and says: 'Just go for it Maddie.'

Doggers on Bluebell Hill, dreams of Gingsters pasties stuck where the sun don't shine, a begonia allergy and a cast of colourful characters as long as Mr Grigg's tongue when Posh Totty trots past, it's all here.

The trouble is, I need a plot.

And I think I've lost it.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. A murder? The theft of the beloved antique____? Lost child? Adultery? Greedy developer......I'll send more plot germs as I think of them, or steal them from old Nancy Drew books.

  2. You will FIND it!!! You have not LOST it! You just do not know where it is right now!

  3. I think your blog would make an excellent book, you have a way with words, and a sense of humour second to none.
    I laugh my frock off, after reading, your stories are priceless !
    The Plot Thickens .....

  4. I'm a new follower to this fab blog - stumbled across it while researching West Dorset, which is soon to be my new home and I have to say I agree - you have a wonderful way with words and I would love to read the novel...hope you find the plot soon!

  5. Just finished 'Notwithstanding'. I ordered it based on the lineup for your book club. Great! but plot? What plot? Perhaps plots are overrated. You have plenty of material for a wonderful read. Just string it all together based on the mystery of the XXX items left on unsuspecting locals' windscreens. Can't wait to read it.


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