Thursday, 18 August 2011

Double trouble in The Enchanted Village

Oh, calamity and woe.

Not only has our shopkeeper had another change of heart and is shutting up the store on September 1, our pub is due to close when the landlords leave in October. The brewery is looking for a new publican, but how seriously, no-one can tell.

Cripes. After a village square full of activity, I fear there will be only a village square full of nothing. It's as if the ley lines beneath our feet have shorted out.

There are people working hard behind the scenes to sort this out. As I write, Mr Grigg and Mr Putter are in deep the pub.

I am half temped to say 'I'll do it!' But having run a pub for Palmers Brewery for three years, I can safely say it's not the easiest of tasks. (If you go to the link and have to take a step back from the screen, I apologise. Someone should tell them black is not a good background for a website).

We increased the trade, but at some cost to our personal lives. Number One Son's second cousin and her husband are making a very good job of running that pub today, so fair play to them.

But what of The Enchanted Village? It seems we will have a floodlit community but nothing to focus the spotlight on.

Watch this space.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x

1 comment:

  1. This is a desperate situation indeed. Two suggestions: If the shop owner will start mail order I will, for the cause, buy (at great risk to my cholesterol levels and blood pressure) a case of salt and vinegar crisps a month. And if the location of the Enchanted Village is revealed the old guy and I will come and down as many pints as possible whenever possible. He'll handle the ale and I will enjoy a lovely local cider. Good luck.


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