Saturday, 27 August 2011

A birthday surprise

It's only part-way through my birthday weekend and I've been completely spoiled and I'm thoroughly knackered.

First, the Melplash Show.

My favourite day of the year. So good of them to organise it for my birthday.

And so good of Celebrity Farmer to almost spill the beans about my birthday surprise.

'I've been told you've booked a room at The Riverside,' he said to me and Mr Grigg, who promptly stood rather heavily on the toe of his wellington boot.

'Um, but then you decided to go somewhere else,' Celebrity Farmer said, in rather too much of a hurry. The hole just got bigger and bigger until even I wished I could jump in it with him

After the show, instead of going home, we ended up at West Bay, my favourite seaside place.

'That's the one with the gurt hole in the middle,' my father usually says, referring to the harbour.

You can just make out the pink house here, the old home of my mentor, the late David Martin.

And then we trip-trapped trip-trapped over the little footbridge across the River Brit.

Where we found a table laid up for 20 and then a cast of blog characters jumping out from behind a screen and singing Happy Birthday To You.

There was a balloon from Mr St John, who for once was wearing long trousers.

Lots of presents, chatting, fantastic food and wonderful service. We were sadly missing key people such as Mr Putter and the fragrant Mrs Putter and the elfin Tuppence.  But there was Posh Totty, MDF Man, Mr and Mrs Sheepwash, Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie, the dear Mrs Bancroft, Buggles and Mort D'Arthur, Camilla and Mr F Word, Ted Moult and Jamie Lee, my brother and sister-in-law, the Loveliest Lady in the Village, the aforementioned Mr St John and Lady Friend, who suggested I get people moving around in between courses.

And it was when Pelly Sheepwash said: 'They say they don't read your blog, but they all know their names' that I had an idea.

In a game of great tactical skill, I shouted out their blog names and each one had to swap with the other. It all went very well until Buggles nearly poked Camilla's eye out with a fork.

'Don't you remember the two of us used to be business rivals?' she hissed. 'How could you put the two of us next to each other?'

And then a special birthday candle which was impossible to blow out.

And it's not even nearly over yet.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday!! Enjoy every last moment!

  2. You are popular and quite spoilt, as you deserve to be on your birthday. Happy fiftieth.

  3. What a great surprise!
    This beats my last significant birthday by a mile. It was a surprise 'come as a dog' party - only no one had told me about the theme, so I was the only one not in canine dress. It really wasn't a lot of fun.


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