Thursday, 28 July 2011

Open all hours

And as I walk out across the fields at just after 6.30 this morning, I meet a neighbour carrying a giant yoghurt pot, full of slugs.

‘Been gardening?’ I say.

She nods, looking like she might want to punch me after spotting me yesterday throwing the snails I found munching my nicotianas straight into the path of a passing car. Crunch.

But I am bold, I am brave. I can cope.

Things are looking up. After experiencing something of an epiphany when the village store didn’t sell at auction, our weary shopkeeper has decided to carry on. He’s not going to shut up shop after all, he’s going to ask the people of Lush Places what they’d like to see on the shelves and try to accommodate us.

So for Champagne-Charlie that would be, erm, champagne, the fragrant Mrs Putter something by Chanel and a Che Guevara T-shirt for the revolutionary Pelly Sheepwash.

Me? I’d be happy with some slug bait.

That’s about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Good news about the store!
    Get yourself some ducks and you'll never have a slug problem again.

  2. What was she going to do with the yoghurt pot full of slugs?!

    My gran used to snip them in half with scissors.

  3. Scooping up the disgusting creatures in an empty coffee can, putting the lid on tightly, setting the can in the sun, then chucking the can into the nearest outside bin was how I disposed of them.

    Never bothered with them if they were already outside, but a friend would pour salt on any she found in her garden, which would quickly dehydrate them and send them to Slug Heaven.


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