Tuesday, 14 June 2011

All the fun of the fun day

The mist clouds encircled The Enchanted Village either side of Fun Day and scarecrow festival weekend, as the international bunting flapped against a backdrop of an ominous grey sky.

My global village scarecrow fell apart three times, his straw innards billowing out in protest at the indignity of it all. He was meant to be a French onion seller but a distinct lack of onions in the Grigg household called for a sign proclaiming an EC onion shortage due to the E.coli crisis.

This led to Monty Chocs-Away putting up a competing notice that pointed people to E.coli-free onions 200 yards away, where a much superior French onion seller scarecrow was on display outside his mansion.

As the parade roared around the village toward the opening ceremony, like a boy racer in search of a speed trap, Ding Dong Daddy and his merry men and women tried to keep pace with thestandard bearer from the Royal British Legion.

Up on the village green, the gastropods in the snail race were refusing to come out to play because it was so cold. They slithered around in circles before bundling up on the middle of the race track, desperate to get warm.

A tramp stopped by for free tea and biscuits, the chocolate fountain solidified and a man with strange eyes jangled coins in his trouser pockets (at least we think it was coins) when the shivering and straw-boatered Pelly Sheepwash supplied him with just one cornetto, the only ice cream sale of the day.

The Russian skittles did the polka and Randy Munchkin tried to keep score.

The takings from the Human Fruit Machine went missing, only to be found later in the pushchair of Mrs Bancroft's newborn grandson.

But do you know what? It didn't rain. And everyone agreed, it was the best fun day weekend yet. Until next year, when we have the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to look forward to.

Here's a clip of The Village Band's last number:

Sorry for the abrubt ending. The cold also had fun with my camera.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Well I had a great time just now! I love the band and the parade. I wish I was there. I lurk around your blog all the time but, I just had to post! Thanks!

  2. You do know how to have fun in your village - strange sort of fun, but fun nonetheless. I may copy the human fruit machine.


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