Monday, 30 May 2011

The world from my window: the video

This is a first for me, a video of the place I love, captured by a friend of mine, who, on the blog, is known as Ding Dong Daddy. It's through the eyes of his springer spaniel, Spice, who very nearly became Mrs Spice-Grigg after a meeting on Bluebell Hill with my springer spaniel some while ago.

Thankfully for Spice, it did not happen. I could not be held responsible for the dodgy hips the puppies might have had.

The music is original, and so is the landscape. This is the world from my window. If you've ever wondered why I wax lyrical about this place, click the video and you'll see.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Scenery AND music!! I loved every second! What a lovely place to call home......I am going to try to find it on you tube so I can post it to my Facebook wall......if you don't mind.

  2. This is simply breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! I will return to watch - and HEAR it- again and again. How wonderful to live in such a gorgeous place!

  3. The scenery is beautiful! I can see why you love it so much. That is such a beautiful dog! She looks so happy and like she has so much energy. Would love to visit this place someday. It looks so peaceful. :)

  4. I can scent the perfume of bluebells, feel the crisp air of rural Dorset, hear the flap of wings as a raven flew overhead and then I awoke from a dream, to find myself
    here on another island.

  5. Ah Maddie, I don't come by often enough but am so pleased I spotted your tweet on this one (which I will RT). Thanks so much Ding Dong Daddy for such a wonderful clip. Enchanting!

  6. Oh Maddie, tears in my eyes, two of my favourite hills! Can't wait to be walking there again...

  7. A perfect end to the day. A quick visit to some blogs to catch up after a bit of an absence from blogland and I then had to stop because nothing could beat this post for the day. Thank you and DDD for this inspirational piece. We're getting ready for our return to the UK from down under and our own springer spaniel already has his bags packed. I can't wait to see him run and run and run through bluebells. Just lovely.

  8. Inspirational and fantastic!
    Thank you so much, Maddie.


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