Friday, 6 May 2011

I found my thrill...on Bluebell Hill

High up on Bluebell Hill, you can forget the world around you. You wouldn't know the United Kingdom had voted yesterday on a new electoral system. You wouldn't know the shooting of the world's most wanted man was causing a furore around the globe.

Dorset's highest point is a peaceful place for an early morning walk. It makes you feel good to be alive and proud to be English, as a soundtrack of Vaughan Williams plays through your head.

As the day progresses, you can sometimes meet Tuppence here, trilling like a canary, or Ding Dong Daddy recording birdsong in Lush Places, or Mr Sheepwash out with binoculars looking for ravens.

On the way up, the gypsy lace gently nods in the lane, in contrast to its furious movements earlier this week when the wind whipped through these parts. The pink campions and the buttercups clamour for sunlight and jostle for space along the verge, like the crowds lining the streets for a royal wedding.

Dead nettles, when upturned, showing two perfect pairs of fairy shoes ready for the little folk of Bluebell Hill to grab as they pass by on gossamer wings. The regal candelabra of horsechestnut trees, bobbing in the breeze, unusually quiet sheep and then chattering swallows, stretching out in their nests and gossiping, ready for the day ahead.

The walk up the hill is lined with beech trees, rustling and whispering a song in lime green.

And then the bluebells. Oh, those bluebells.

The poetry of the moment is all too brief. After making our descent we meet Champagne-Charlie clutching a copy of the Shooting Times.

'This is for you, chap,' he says to Mr Grigg, pulling out a supplement.

'The Bravissimo catalogue?' I say, with eyes open wide.

'Well I thought Mr Grigg was working at home today. Alone.'

I ask you. Grab your moments while you can.

That's about it.

Love Maddie


  1. The bluebells in our nearby wood were sadly flagging when we saw them two weeks ago....but yours still look good

  2. Wow! Those bluebells are gorgeous! I would LOVE to photograph them.

  3. Things beautiful, things sublime. I enjoy your descriptive writing about the countryside.

  4. "I ask you. Grab your moments while you can."

    Well said. Indeed, grab that moment while it lasts, eh.



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