Monday, 14 March 2011

For one night only...

So there we were, rocking all over The Enchanted Village Hall to five vicars singing I want to be break free by Queen.

With a flick of a wrist, their dog collars were off, discarded for the evening as a collection of grey heads and people the wrong side of 50 whooped and hollered.

Earlier my neighbour, Mrs Champagne-Charlie, muttered that it all seemed a bit like community singing at an old folks’ home and then guffawed when she saw my attire and prodded her husband with her elbow.

‘Oh,’ Mr Champagne-Charlie said, doing the mashed potato to I'm a believer. ‘Where on earth did you get those?’

‘You can cut your sarcasm,’ I said. ‘You’re hardly in a position to mock, with your toff’s trousers the colour of calf scour. This, dear neighbour, is the rock chick look.’

Because Mrs Bancroft had arranged for Dogs Without Collars – five Dorset clergymen – to appear for one night only in aid of the three parish churches.

And my job was to look after them.

‘Sorry,’ I said, when asked to help on the bar, ‘I’m with the band.’

Once a groupie, always a groupie.

So I rocked on through the night, brought firmly to heel by Mr Grigg for the last dance.

And do you know, I even won first prize in the raffle.

That’s about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Those legs!!! Did you have to fight off the band members?
    More proof that your village isn't what it seems.

  2. As nice as your boots are, it is a pity they hide from what appears at the thigh as a pair of shapely legs :)


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