Saturday, 8 January 2011

Help me make it through the night

It was just before two o'clock this morning. A mighty roar bellowed through the square and then a bright light shone through my bedroom window. I woke with a start, completely disorientated and thinking I was in my childhood home of many years ago.

This was it, I thought. Cue chaotic scenes from Independence Day, War of the Worlds and any other US disaster movie you can think of.

And then another roar, a rumble and another roar.

I prodded Mr Grigg.

'We're going in the back bedroom,' I said. 'It's that bloody rally again.'

It happens once a year and no-one in The Enchanted Village knows it's happening until it happens.

Six hours later and still they kept coming. Motorbikes, old cars and 4x4s thundered through our now not-so-sleepy village.

At 7.30 this morning there was a thump. Mr Grigg jumped out of bed, ran to the front bedroom and looked out of the window into the square. Six men, two wearing high-visibility jackets, were peering around the front end of a jeep and looking underneath it with a torch.

I looked beyond them to see if my parked car was all right. Once I'd realised they hadn't hit it, I turned round to go to the bathroom for a shower. Mr Grigg was behind me, looking out of the window. Totally naked.

'Don't you think you should cover yourself up before there's another accident?' I said.

I'm off now for a lie-down.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


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