Friday, 31 December 2010

Supermarket sweep

New Year's Eve and the shops in My Kind of Town are heaving.

Mr Grigg and I go from Lidls to Morrisons, shadowed by a gabbling gipsy family looking for bargains on the salmonella shelf. Mr Grigg hovers closely behind them, puts in a hand and pulls out a tray of pigs in blankets.

'That'll do for tonight,' he says, plucking two half price pork pies and a packet of twelve loaded potato skins from the refrigerated unit.

He pulls away from the crowd, the spoils under his arm. The gipsy family look suitably impressed.

I struggle to find prunes and cocktail sticks and go back and forth, passing a man who smells like he hasn't had a wash in years who is pondering over whether to buy a 'value' pack of digestives to go with his two tins of new potatoes.

After the fifth time of wandering up and down the same aisles, I finally ask a disinterested man stacking shelves. He mutters to himself as if he's remembering the winning numbers of the lottery from a dream. At last he says: 'Aisles 14 and 15', without even giving me eye contact. Yet when Mr Grigg asks where the condensed milk is, a rather large female assistant smiles and says: 'Follow me', seduction written all over her full moon face.

Mr Grigg is a charmer, a man with whom men want to get drunk and women fall in love.

I shall be watching him closely this New Year's Eve, and staying very sober.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Does this mean you're hosting a New Year's Eve celebration? No birds-within-birds, I hope.
    I hate the supermarkets at this time of year - everything looks so picked-over and sad. I don't have the energy to cook a big meal for tomorrow, but it is expected and I know that by the time Saturday dawns I'll have dug deep and come up with one last shot of effort. I may have to buy a dessert as that just seems like the thing that might blow my resolve right out the window.

  2. Everywhere was heaving here too - one wonders where folks have found the money to keep buying stuff after the expenses and excesses of Christmas!
    Hope you have a wonderful evening Maddie, see-in the New Year with Mr Grigg & the rest of the cast of your Enchanted Village and the very best of wishes for a healthy and prosperous "Happy New Year" to you and those you hold dear. ♥

    *waves to Pondside* ... Happy New Year to you too! X


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