Friday, 8 October 2010

Picture this (and happy birthday Photobox)

More often than not, my camera is with me everywhere I go. Oh what images I could show you of The Enchanted Village: the Loggins’ log house as it takes shape, the Sheepwash abode, Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie playing croquet on their manicured lawn or Posh Totty's rear-of-the-year on a very fine hunter.
I know you were probably hoping for a picture of Posh Totty on horseback. But Mr and Mrs C-C's legs, croquet mallets and a small table of nibbles and G&Ts will just have to do. Only a toff could get away with trousers that colour.

I love taking photos although I prefer painting pictures in words. It’s what I do. The only tools I need are my little notebook, a pen and an eye for the absurd.

However, I was drawn to a photography competition advertised in a national newspaper. It was organised by Photobox and the theme was Around the World in 80 Days.

I’ve never entered a contest like this so I put in several pictures from my travels in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. This one, a close-up of fabric at Eumundi Market in Queensland, was pretty simple, and didn’t stand up to much scrutiny against the others.
However, it was chosen as one of the finalists, one of only a few hundred out of 30,000.

The winning ones are spectacular, they really are. You can go to this link to look at them. Some fantastic landscapes and lots of wonderful, wise and knowing faces.

All the shortlisted pictures are being shown in the world's biggest walk-in photobook from 15 October at London's Old Truman Brewery Gallery, to mark Photobox's 10th birthday.

Here are some of my other pictures which didn’t make the shortlist, but I like them just the same.

I like colourful images and strong contrasts. But it can be very easy to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene laid out in front of you. It's impossible to take in all of it at once - I find I'm much better off just focusing on a fraction of it. I am fascinated by detail and looking at things from unusual angles.

For me at least, the small things speak volumes.

That’s about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I like the cans! CONGRATS on being a finalist. That's a big deal :)

  2. Well any doubt in my mind about whether you truly live in an enchanted village was erased by seeing melon colored pants, yard games, nibbles and G and Ts all in the same photo frame. We only see colors like that on our fruits and trees this time of year. We are way too repressed to actually wear them, well at least until after a few G and Ts.
    Anyway - great photos. You have my kind of "eye". My family and friends are always trying to pretend not to know me as I snap away at food displays in the grocery store.

    Beautiful pictures. Congratulations!
    Welcome back. Missed you.

  3. Way to go, Maddie! 30,000 is a lot of competition!
    Those trousers, now.....they would scare off even the most seasoned judge, so it's a good thing you didn't enter that photo.

  4. well done!
    Lovely photos and words( as usual!)
    Take care

  5. I like your photos very much and I'd had great trouble choosing only one. Thanks also for mentioning the photobook event. I think I'll go there.

  6. Hey, well done! I love the photos. I like the can one best, though.


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