Sunday, 24 October 2010

A dance to autumn

Up in the village hall, Mr Grigg is clearing away the debris from a party to celebrate Tuppence's birthday. A few weeks ago, she almost lost her eyesight. But last night, she was up on stage, a tiny woman with a big voice, belting out numbers and starting the first of two sets with Cockney Rebel's Make Me Smile.

And there were smiles all round. Some of us have been through tough times lately, and are still going through them. But the illustration by Jules Feiffer on Tuppence's party invitation says it all:

If the devil could have cast his net on the dance floor last night, he would have killed off my blog in one fell swoop. We were running the bar and in among the bohemian creative types (with fascinating colour combinations, fab hair and Doc Martens), there was Nobby Odd-Job, Pelly Sheepwash, Mrs Bancroft, General Custer, Farmer Mayfield, Mamma Mia and Night Nurse, Old Ding Dong Daddy and all, old Ding Dong Daddy and all.

We took bets on how many times a drunken Manuel would say Hank Wangford, watched as Mr Loggins and Darling smooched to Wonderful Tonight, wondered if the forever young and funky Tuppence had a picture in the attic and cheered as Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie, Posh Totty and MDF Man came in at midnight after a hunt supporters' supper.

'You should have been there,' Mr C-C said to me rather too loudly.

'You would have hated it,' Mrs C-C said quietly.

At that point, Tuppence made an emotional speech, thanking all her family and friends for being there when she needed them. And she gave a special vote of thanks to The Enchanted Village.

We are all very different, but we are all here for each other.

We go on dancing anyway.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. .........and that's how it rarely is in real life, but should be, always.
    You're blessed with your little village of characters.

  2. Lovely post Maddie and sorry you sound a wee bit sad. Just love your character names. Have you considered National Novel Writing Month? I've posted about it at Scrubby Bush and am going to have a go - 50,000 words in 30 days will certainly put the rest of my troubles on hold.


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