Friday, 24 September 2010

Hoorah, it's the village outing

As I write, it’s a mad scramble to get things done before heading off on the annual weekend trip to North Devon.

In years gone by, there would have been a charabanc pulling up outside my house, filled with cloche-hatted ladies and men with moustaches and a kite-tail trail of freshly-scrubbed children flying (securely attached) in its wake.

But today we’ll be heading for the seaside under our own steam, with some taking their time while others - like me - will be rushing.

It’s the first time I’ve been to this weekend event, organised by Manuel and Mrs Regal Bird, and I’m not really sure what to expect. We’ve been told to pack our swimming costumes (striped, knitted bathing suits) and hiking boots (hobnails) and be prepared for fun and organised games.


I’m not much of a participant, more of a watcher, so this could be very interesting.

In the meantime, I will leave you with the following titbits that have come to me via the Enchanted Village’s jungle drums. Each of them could have made a blog post of their own. But time is tight, so you will have to weave your own descriptions around them:

1) The Over 60s trip to Bath when a head count at pick-up time revealed one of the elderly passengers was missing. After half an hour of high drama, involving the bus going round and round the city centre because it had used up its allocated parking time and then intense scrutiny of Bath’s CCTV footage by the police, the errant day tripper was traced and all was well. There is now talk of providing the entire membership with high-vis jackets and return luggage labels.

2) The brouhaha over a lemon meringue pie entered for the village flower and produce show. Simply the best, it was disqualified because the judge insisted it was too small although the rules stated it had to be ‘up to’ a certain size, so, in theory, it could have been as small as a biscuit. Only it wasn’t, obviously. There is now talk of a lemon meringue pie fight to thrash it out next year.

And finally, courtesy of my good mate, Tuppence, here is a genuine advert from our local paper about a property for sale in The Enchanted Village.

Lush Places: A very attractive newly built semi-detached house in this popular Conversation village.

Conversation? Now we’re talking.

That’s about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Better you than Yours Truly, my dear. I have a horror of organized games and outings...unless, of course, I do the organizing.
    Conversation Village - I've always said you live in the most interesting place.

  2. Enjoy your outing! I wait with anticipation to see what sort of participation was involved.

  3. A lemon meringue pie fight - now that's one I'd like to see. And be there to pick up the pieces ...


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