Saturday, 21 August 2010

It never rains but it pours...

A blanket of mizzle smothers The Enchanted Village.  Pairs of grumpy jackdaw babies, feathers ruffled, huddle on chimney pots. Swallows, trying desperately to be cheerful, swoop low to the ground in search of food. They dart in and out of the damp cattle, attempting to stir up some frivolity in the misty rain and peasouper fog.

Along the road in Trumpton, the weather has washed out fun day. It is doubtful the Red Arrows will be seen in the greyness, even if they miraculously managed to put in their planned appearance.  Down in My Kind of Town, carnival organisers are looking to the skies in advance of tonight's procession. Their hands are outstretched. They are saying 'why?'

Over the hill, Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly star Martin Clunes is anxious for tomorrow. For the past year, he and his family have been planning their horse and dog show at Buckham Down. It raises thousands for the local hospice and comes complete with funfair and squid tent run by the Riverside Restaurant at West Bay, where Mr Grigg is planning to take me for my birthday next week.

Clunes has secured the most wonderful publicity for his fair, both locally and nationally, with page leads in the local papers and a front page feature in today's Daily Telegraph's Weekend section.  He's even got AA yellow signs pointing to his event.

But even he can't control the weather.

The British summer. Don't you just love it?

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. There's nothing for it Maddie, you and Mr Grigg need to go out tonight and do a rain dance (is that the right dance?).

  2. I'm visiting with my son in Ontario and seem to have brought some cool, rainy weather, for which they aren't thanking me. Fingers crossed that the event went well!

  3. I grew a beard because somebody once said I looked a bit like Martin Clunes. Especially glad if he's starting to put on horsey and doggy events - I wouldn't mind having the Red Arrows on call though. If you see him about with more than three days growth on his chin, would you mind awfully running him over for me - I've grown quite accustomed to my beard.


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