Sunday, 13 June 2010

Scarecrows on parade

It's been a busy weekend. Scarecrows, fetes and the football. This one had the right idea - one of many in The Enchanted Village with a flagon of ale in his hand.

As the village parade made its way around the one-way system accompanied by morris dancers, Ding Dong Daddy (he of The Imagined Village fame) prepared to serenade the passing procession with his musician friend.  Their tune soared to meet the participants - only for the parade to go down the road instead of past their house, so they ended up playing to the wind.

It would never happen at Glastonbury.

 We had Richard the Lionheart across the road.

Some guy who lost his head down a leafy lane.

 A sinister-looking Wicker Man attached to the beacon brazier.

 Afternoon tea on the allotments.

Juggling in the bungalow gardens.

 A beheading on the council estate.

The Maid of Rubbish on the railings of the village green.

 Dainty Nell, created by the chef Lesley Waters' artistic mum.

And an amazingly lifelike scarecrow.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Well I've dragged myself from the depression of the 4 to 0 defeat the Germans gave us this morning at 4.30am our time (just to add illness to injury) to see how the scarecrows turned out. Fantastic photos and gorgeous scare crows - what a talented lot you are in the enchanted village. I'm thinking I'd like to see that Mexican referee beheaded after he sent off one of our main men for nothing. I mean we may have held it to 2 0 but with 10 men we were entirely stuffed as a scarecrow! Not sure World Cup fever will be lasting long in our village!

  2. hi, just dropping by. your blogs and pictures are really great!. is it okay if we could exchange links?. can i put you in my blog's list and put me in yours? thanx!..=)

  3. What a creative bunch from your village! Which one is yours?

  4. It's nice to see the enchanted village also has a wicked sense of humour!

    xo Barbara


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